Sustainable Economically Efficient
Wave Energy Converter


The SEEWEC project is built up around the FO³: a robust floating wave energy converter, meant to be installed near shore and intended to lead to competitive and economically effective exploitation of wave energy along (European) coasts. The basic concept of the FO³ device consists of several (12 or 21) point absorbers placed under a floating platform. This concept combines experience from the offshore industry with knowledge of wave-energy conversion by use of point absorbers.

The general objective of SEEWEC is to assist in the further development of the FO³ wave energy converter through extensive use of the experience from monitoring the 1:3 laboratory rig Buldra and the single system test station (SSTS) at Løkstad. The project will focus on robust cost effective solutions and design for large scale (mass) manufacturing.

The B1: Full prototype at sea SEEWEC supports the development of a new, sustainable technology for renewable energy production that over time will have the potential to :

- produce electricity without the combustion of carbon;
- reduce dependency on fossil fuels;
- increase the conversion of renewable energy;
- contribute to diversify and secure the European energy supply;
- minimise environmental impact of energy production;
- increase the economical sustainability of the renewable energy technologies.

The results achieved during the project suggested a modification of the objective of the SEEWEC project. While the original FO³ point absorber concept was platform-based, the results showed that it was worthwile to pursue an alternative based on a single point absorber moored directly to the seabed rather than attached to a platform. This resulted in the design of the B1.

Specific Targeted Research Project
Priority 6-1 : Sustainable Energy Systems
Scientific officer : Mr T. Langlois d'Estaintot

The SEEWEC project is funded under the 6th Framework Programme.
The financial support from the European Community is gratefully acknowledged.