The consortium

The SEEWEC consortium involves 11 partners from 5 EU-members (Belgium, The Netherlands, Portugal, Sweden and UK) and 1 associated country (Norway).

Participants :

Ghent University (co÷rdinator)(Belgium)
Spiromatic NV (Belgium)
ABB (Sweden)
Standfast Yachts (The Netherlands)
Brevik Engineering A.S. (Norway)
Marintek (SINTEF) (Norway)
Norwegian University of Science and Technology (Norway)
Instituto Superior TÚcnico (Portugal)
Chalmers University of Technology (Sweden)
Fred Olsen Ltd. (United Kingdom)
Natural Power Consultants Ltd. (United Kingdom)

Specific Targeted Research Project
Priority 6-1 : Sustainable Energy Systems
Scientific officer : Mr T. Langlois d'Estaintot

The SEEWEC project is funded under the 6th Framework Programme.
The financial support from the European Community is gratefully acknowledged.